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Explore the honeymoon destinations in India — July 10, 2015

Explore the honeymoon destinations in India

India is known as ‘Incredible India’ for its immense beauty and diversity around the globe. India ranks in top 10 countries for the most desirable destinations to spend holidays. India ranks 7th in size and offers a wide variety of places to allude with your presence. Many newlywed couples around the globe are turning to India to spend their honeymoon ad gather unforgettable memories. India has such places that can drift you in the wonderland and you feel heavenly beautiful on your trip with your life partner. Here is the list of Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in India;

  • Manali
  • Goa
  • Leh/Ladakh
  • Kerela

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  • Darjeeling
  • Dalhousie
  • Mount Abu
  • Nainital
  • Rishikesh
  • Srinagar

The honeymoon is a special time between the partners. It is the time they get closer to each other and fuel the flame of love in them that lasts for the eternity. If the place is good, then it is a boon to enjoy to the fullest. The places described above are truly remarkable places in India to garnish the flare of love between the couple. What are you waiting for? Book summer holidays packages at those places and ready yourself for everlasting memories.

Step-in various places of Incredible India — July 3, 2015

Step-in various places of Incredible India

‘Incredible India’, a motto that made India like a Sirius star among all the other nations to see the dazzling wonders and the beautiful landscapes, which have something for each and every person breathing on the Earth. India has 29 states and each state has its own culture and story of the invasion of thousands of years and how the civilizations over the past couple of centuries made an impact on the place and it can be seen in everything, from dresses to food. Book domestic holidays packages to the various destinations in India and enjoy the places that look like handmade by the God itself.

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Breathe into the beauty of Indian wonders — June 8, 2015

Breathe into the beauty of Indian wonders

India has emerged as one of the most visited destinations and with Indian government promoting it as ‘Atithi Devo Bhav’, the tourism is boosting and many places are getting renovated or considered important for people to find the charm and relive the history of them.

Domestic Holidays packagesDuring summer times, India has myriad of places to offer for spending quality times with your near and dear ones. From North to South and from east to west, India has something for everyone to feel the exoticness and thrill. Book domestic holidays packages and start exploring the Incredible India.

Travel and Holiday Packages to Bali Booking From India — May 14, 2015

Travel and Holiday Packages to Bali Booking From India

Bali – An Island Blessed with Nature’s Beauty

Bali is one of the most desired and visited destinations around the world. People from across the globe come every year to spend quality time at this majestic and highly glorified Indonesian island that is blessed with natural wonders and unwritten beauty. Book your Travel and Holiday Packages to Bali see a beautiful place that enjoys the highly diversified flora and fauna that adds a plus point to the island. What are you waiting for? Book cheap Bali holiday packages from India and live the soul pleasant beauty of the nature.

Book Bali Tour and Holidays packages from India

Book Australia Tour and Holiday Packages From India —

Book Australia Tour and Holiday Packages From India

Australia – The land of Kangaroos and Koalas. The name is enough to ignite anyone’s heart with excitement and thrill to venture their lives and get everlasting fun while doing different activities in this Asian-Pacific country. Plan your Australia Tour and Holiday Packages from AlexaTravelMart India and get yourself ready to see one of the most enriched wildlife that is known around the world, plus the beautiful beaches of Gold Coast and amazing cities like Melbourne, Perth and of course, ‘Sydney – Opera House’. Grab your cheap Australia tour and holiday packages to be a part of the amazing place.

Australia Tour and Holiday Packages From India

The land of Kerala offers you to explore the enchanting beauty — May 1, 2015

The land of Kerala offers you to explore the enchanting beauty

The never ending array of Coconut Palms and shimmering water on the beaches of Kerelam makes this place unmatched in the entire world. It is often known as ‘God’s own country’ because of its enchanted beauty that one can adore for ages without blinking his eyes. Take Kerala Holiday and Tour Packages and visit the misty mountains are a wonder place to spend best quality summer vacations with your family or friends and rejoice the Mother Nature and adore its splendors that make our soul dance.

Cheap Kerala Holiday and Tour Packages

Enriched with flora and fauna, the summer festival attracts people like a magnet from across the globe. Many myths have been attached to this place that makes it a luring and highly tempted place to spend your time, at-least once in a lifetime. Grab Best Kerela Tour Packages from Alexa Travel Mart and adore the country blessed with highly rich heritage.

Alexa Travel Mart- Your guide to the nature’s wonders — March 25, 2015

Alexa Travel Mart- Your guide to the nature’s wonders

Travelling has become a big endeavor for people around India. Many travel to see new destinations to spend and some quality time away from their hectic life with their loved ones.

However, it is a costly thing that everyone can’t afford, if they look at the wrong place because there are many packages that only a genuine travel agency can provide you after configuring your needs and desires. Alexatravelmart is a professional travel company whose primarily motive is to provide international and domestic customized packages to its customer at the genuine prices – and aware them about the ongoing travel discount packages, on tickets etc., which can save their money and help them in choosing long staying packages to enjoy more with their near or dear ones.

In addition, we help in suggesting many places that you may like to visit and will enjoy to the fullest. In general, people only hear few places that their family member, friend or known one has visited, but they forget about the countless other destinations that offer myriad fun and great ambience at pocket-friendly budget. Preparing the travel package by tailoring it after hearing the needs and requirements of a person, makes their trip worth more memorable and give them everlasting memories that they can visit time-to-time in their minds.

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Book Flight,Cheap Air Tickets,Hotels,Holidays Tour — October 1, 2014

Book Flight,Cheap Air Tickets,Hotels,Holidays Tour

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